Zwarte Cross

The Zwarte Cross is a bizarre mix of motocross, music, stunts, theater, humor and a lot of madness and spectacle. The convergence of these apparently completely different worlds creates a worldwide (!) Unique party. The clear connection with “De Achterhoek”, where the festival takes place, is reflected in the characteristic cosiness and hospitality of this region where young and old still celebrate together. Since the first edition in 1997 (1,000 visitors), the Zwarte Cross has grown into a four-day party with more than 220,000 day guests and festival campers.

Since 2019 we have worked together with on multiple projects together. Promo’s, livestreams, recaps and plenty more! 

Trailers and Aftermovie 2019

For the Zwarte Cross 2019 we were a part of the team that developed the trailers and aftermovie. We have been involved in the pre-production (conceptualisation) of the trailers and aftermovie and we have been assisting Smash Media during the during the production of them.

Promos and mini-docus

Together with De Feestfabriek we worked on many other productions. Producing promotion videos for the festival, their partners and other clients. Creating content for during the festival itself and also developing short documentaries for after the festival season.